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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 630PM  CBS  December 23, 2012 6:30pm-7:00pm PST

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stormy day. drenching down good evening. the bay area woke up to another stormy day today. drenching downpours and flooded streets created treacherous driving conditions. strong winds are taking down trees and leaving thousands in the dark. tonight, the the last in the string of storms is slowly moving on. the cbs hi-def doplar shows the cold front heading south and east out of the bay area. the heavier cells are around the villages in south san jose. while the rains are leaving the rivers are still rising. you can see some of the okay owes over the santa cruz mountains. warns for napa. meantime, the russian river is under a flood watch but it is not expected to exceed flood stage. you can can stand by for the forecast on all of the rivers in just 10 minutes. the stormy weather is complicating driving on bay area roadways tonight. stony point road is closed
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after a massive sink hole opened up this afternoon. the sinkhole is 10 feet deep. south of highway 116. road crews are taking all of the precautions necessary to prevent accidents but they say sinkholes are not uncommon during stormy weather. >> we are taking safety precautions to make sure that a car does not fall through and fall into the hole. >> the crews say the road could be closed up to three days while they patch up the hole. also, in sanoma county, a house on cozy court was hit hard when a fur tree came crashing down of the the tree splintered into pieces and knocked out power in the area. no word on injuries, though. wepds gusting to 60 miles an hour -- winds gusting to 60 miles an hour. winds knocking down trees down one block. city crews were on the scene to get the road open as soon as they could. driving was treacherous at the height of the storm. many accident, spin outs and in this case an overturned car on
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highway 101 near airport boulevard where the water was deep and caught drivers off guard. no word on injuries in that accident, either. the great highway in san francisco closed again between lincoln and slote. heavy rain and sifting sands conspired to chose all of the southbound lanes. one northbound lane is closed as well. in short it has been rough getting around the bay area today. flooding and falling trees making it stk-rpblgs for drivers. cbs 5 reporter is in san francisco with the evidence, elisa? >> hi, brian. a lot of people were on the roads today trying to get done last minute christmas shopping heading off to holiday parties. it was not fun if you had to be out there. this is what people had to drive through. very treacherous conditions. soggy and messy roads and highways. large puddles, heavy rain and slow-moving drivers causing traffic throughout most of the day. in the northbound, rain and
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high winds knocked over trees blocking the lanes at sunset lanes. the clean up crews said it will take hours to clear the mess and they have been telling the drivers to take spenson beach, a long detour that could adat hours to a -- add hours to a trip. >> they are saying there is no power. the fire department told me the road was closed pwaudz they needed to cheer -- because they needed to clear the tree. they said it they needed 2-1/2 hours to clear the tree t. it has been four hours and nobody is cutting the tree and now they are saying 6-12 hours. >> reporter: one foot of water on san jose for a connector ramp and high wind advisories on the bridges. we are right by the golden gate bridge where the rain has stopped but the wind really picking up. i also got off of the phone a chp officer. he said they have been busy with a lot of accidents and fender benders. the biggest mistake drivers are
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making is not slowing down. you need to adjust to the weather and go slower out there. in san francisco, cbs 5. one of the hardest hit areas today, sanoma county where residents were under flood warnings. we are on the familiar drill for people accustomed to dealing with too much water. >> reporter: from stolen creeks to flooded lots, they are dealing with the latest storm. >> right now you are looking at a foot and a half of water in the center part of the park. >> that is ben grove park that ray and his social fireman's group owns and main tains. >> there is not a lot we can do about it. we tried sandbags in the past. it is fruitless. >> reporter: willow creek topped its banks this morning. >> we have to come in and shovel out everything and replant the grass. clean our bathrooms, a huge
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job. >> reporter: a few miles away -- >> it is a little dramatic, i think. [ laughter ] >> reporter: this trucking company's parking lot is part of the creek that ran behind it and the dumpster sitting in several inches of water. >> we moved all of the trucks over here and i am worried about my guys trucks that are over here. it is something fast. that is what i don't understand. >> reporter: since we don't know how much rain will come for the rest of the week the witnesses are preparing for the worst. they have sandbags at the ready in their parking lot. >> just hope for the best. mother nature is going to do what it is going to do. >> we have tables and everything. >> reporter: ace moved everything off of the floor in his apparel printing shop. >> we have flood insurance and all of that stuff but you don't want to go there if you can avoid it. >> hopefully it happens early in the season and not later in the season and get in earlier and clean it up. it is a big job cleaning this up after this. >> reporter: back to you.
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the weather is keeping travelers from catching their flights out of sfo. 56 flights were canceled. most flights are running about two hours behind schedule. delays are expected to get worse tonight. no delays and cancellations reported at look at oakland international airport. the heavy snow continues to fall. the snow remains in effect until tomorrow morning. driving on 80 and 50 and then chain restrictions most of the weekend and strong winds are creating whiteout conditions at times with gusts of 70 miles an hour. come when the storm passes they will measure accumulations in feet. in all they are expecting 6-8 feet. and it is leaving a lot of customers in the dark. pg&e is reporting 3600 customers without power. crews are not sure when they will get the lights back on. you can track the storms
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any time with our live doplar radar. that is on our web site still ahead, last-minute shoppers shoverring through the storm to get the gifts. the bargains that are keeping this them going. saying good-bye to a san francisco landmark. the last week where the explore torrium ends and the plans for the future. what is expected to happen in the next few hours where flood warnings and watches are posted at this hour. ,, ,, ,,,,,,,,
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before christmas... and bar hunters are packing the stores... regardless of the weather. prices are being marked dowd round-the-clock sales are attracting the christmas procra one full day left for shopping. prices are marked down and around-the-clock sales are a tracting the christmas procrastinators. people are picking up the last- minute gifts for friends, family and themselves. shoppers tell us some deals are too good to pass up. >> it was like i was not going to buy for people and then i came out and there were sales and i thought why not. >> they t looks like they hired
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more people just to make sure -- >> retailers are adding more employees and hours to meet the needs of shoppers. some stores have been open around the clock to accommodate the shoppers. meanwhile, san bruno, shoppers enjoyed complementary gift shopping thanks to middle school. parents and students played santa's elves hoping to raise donations for the band program. now, san francisco police are marking a sad anniversary. six years ago this weekend officer brian tavera was shot and killed trying to arrest a prison escapeee. through the years the department has -- escapee. throughout the years they marked the year with candlelight vigil. but this year they were invited to go in a room that bears his name. and restaurant holds the annual toy drive tomorrow. drop off toys for needy kids any time from 6:00 until
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midnight. that is at 3033 gary boulevard. it is the 12th year for the toy drive. and the last full week of san francisco's explore torrium at the current site any way. the skaoeups new see aoupl is at the fine arts for 40 years, but it is moving ahead to pier 15. jan 2nd will be the last day at the present location, it will be free to the public. there will be a ceremonial exiting of the building had that day. the new explore torrium is scheduled to open in april. >> more on the threatening weather coming through the bay area. we did not expect special angels like this making the holidays more bearable. what a secret santa delivered, next ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a little holiday cheer to ad hit new york community. cbs reporter marlie hall was in howard beach when hundreds kids received some early christmas gifts. a charity started after super storm sandy and they are now handing out toys. >> reporter: a restaurant turned into a christmas wonder land for hundreds of kids still without a permanent home after super storm sandy. >> there was food, soda and finally presents. >> reporter: sandy flooded 10- year-old matthew's basement destroying most of his toys. matthew a mom says the cost of rebuilding threatened to wipe out christ mas. >> trying to give them things. people who donated gifts have been awesome. >> reporter: joy wong started
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this gift-giving charity after helping clean up a friend's basement. >> her son saw us throwing out his toys and not understanding what he might have done to have all of his toys thrown out. >> reporter: secret sanda allowed donors to make sure the magic of christmas was not lost this year. >> they received enough to fulfill 2,000 of sandy's youngest victims. some got their gifts here at it this christmas party. >> reporter: christmas will not be the same now that his family lives in a small apartment. >> we used to race down stairs to get the presents and now it is all one floor. >> but the parents say secret sandy is taking some of the disappointment away. >> we can did not expect special angels like this. >> they will run this charity all year long to help children in the hardest hit areas.
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and speaking of hard hit areas, well, nothing compared to sandy but never the less we had wind gusts 60 miles an hour through the bay area today. the first thing we want to do, lots to cover, flood watches and warnings are posted right now. especially along the napa river in napa and at saint alena. the russian river is under a watch but napa is under a warning. the napa river, just about flood stage. they expect minor flooding in san alena but at napa -- saint helena. napa they expect flooding there. you get moderate flooding in the agricultural areas. the good news is you will see all of the rain is headed south. the heavier cells, now, in the mount ans around mount hamilton in san jose and heading down towards morgan hill. but mostly out of the bay area. a few showers remain.
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and that is filling the creek at pescadaro. they are filling the banks. rainfall totals in the last 24 hours, santa rosa picking up 2 inches of rain. sanfrancisco, an inch and a third. livermore at 2 thirds of an inch. wind was the story as well with gusts at 60 miles an hour. what is happening now? showers, drying out tomorrow. we get a break and that is really good news for monday. then, we get rain on christmas. another system coming in not as strong. moving from north to south beginning christmas morning. right now, concord has 54 degrees. the numberses are in the 50s in the bay area. out the door tomorrow. replacing the moisture tomorrow morning. temperatures in the 50s. then, sun, the low pressure now powering through santa barbara counties and the low pressure it leaves behind, squeezing out a few showers tonight. not much. for the most part, here comes the sun for the bay area. winter storm warnings heading
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for the hills. heavy snow, gusty winds with gusts approaching 70 miles an hour out on the foothills. avalanche dangers as well up to 8 feet since last wednesday. heading out of sfo. partly sunny skies, fewer delays tomorrow than over the weekend. heading over new york not bad. mix of is sun and showers. chicago has snow. so does denver. 37 degrees. back in the bay area, middle 50s. a chance to drain and dry for tomorrow. on christmas, though, we will get more rain spreading south. not as much as we had today. in the extended forecast, looking for things to dry out tomorrow, rain on tuesday, wednesday, a few showers, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, we will go to partly cloudy conditions, even though there is a disagreement about what will happen next weekend. in the meantime, mostly good news. speaking of mr. good news, we got it. >> excellent lead in. just like i wrote it. ahead, which team has not scored a touchdown in a couple
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of games? raiders got away with it last week, today? highlights, coming ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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...but weren't you just a le curious if the raiders coult back to back raiders, panthers, a tough sell. curious to see if they can put two wins back to back. we found out that answer today
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at carolina. newton, runs the show there, end of the 1st, he was chased out of the pocket and off of his back foot. lets it fly. steve smith in the end zone. the touchdown. 7-0, carolina. just a minute later, carson palmer, he took a shot. oh, man. he got in the lower back rib section. he left the game, x-rays negative. did not return. here is his back up. matt, here is his back up throwing an interception. lou, returns it just inside of the 30 yard line. 4 plays later, cam newton time. it is 14-3 panthers. the raiders have a chance to get out of that whole. the end of the 3rd. a pass, tipped, hauled in, by the linebacker, get up, man. he runs inside of the 20 so the raiders are in the red zone.
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end of the 3rd. now, the beginning of the 4th. jeremy crashes. then, gets back in it. and the flag. matt, passes, batted away. and good morning, good evening, good night. they have not scored a touchdown in the last 2 games. oh, boy. >> you know, when you lose your starting quarterback this are a lot of other guys that need to step up. we did not have enough guys that made enough plays for us offensively. >> a little rusty. you always have to be ready to play, you know, always try to pride myself in being ready and to be accountable. this are throws on the back and all of that. but, you know, we just got to be ready. >> i am not sure how you can react better. >> you know what he did.
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>> they understand. what do you do if someone kicks you, take it? >> no. [indiscernible] >> no matter what you do, if you didn't get the win you did not get the job done. simple as that. the raiders show is over next week at san diego. around the lake, luck, those indianapolis colts went into the playoffs. the colts defense, man, they muscled up, too. butler, steps in front of the brady quinn pass. and butler runs it in for a touchdown. colts led 7-0 to get it done on the road. luck set a rookie record. getting reggie there in the end zone. colts win it 20-13. they go to the playoffs. just a season after going 2-14. segue to basketball. rex walter in usf in hawaii facing mississippi. diamond head tournament. that is parker with the lay-up. usf up 9. 9 lead changes in the
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game. marshall henderson one of them. he scored 12 and the rebels won the game, 86-78. coming up on "game day" where does collin go to get away from it all? emergency room and dad's house. >> that is how it is. if collin comes home and he lays down on this coach or somewhere and my daughter comes in and my daughter says off the couch he gets off the coach. no special privileges at home. he is just collin. and that is just the way it is. i think he likes that. we don't talk much football when he is home. all right, so, closer look at his roots in turlock, california. nice high school picture there. full report from seattle following his big showdown with the sea hawks. brian, i dope know how it is in your house but in mine, even though i have had this lofty presence here i get to do sports on this cbs 5 and i go home, my son says, hey, dad, can i have a glass of milk,
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yeah, sure. then just looks at me like he expects me to go and get it for him. >> you know, vern, at least he has the priorities straight. >> son, how was i tonight? >> he will say oh, you were on? >> the first thing that goes away is your family's desire to watch you on tv. i know that. that will do it for us. your latest news and weather is always on our web site. we will update you on the weather on the rivers, for now, we appreciate you watching. convict 60 -- "60 minutes" is next. stay dry ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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captioning funded by cbs and ford-- built for the road ahead. >> stahl: tonight, on this special edition of "60 minutes presents," an evening of music. >> ♪ sometimes, it lasts in love but sometimes, it hurts instead... ♪ sometimes, it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead... >> cooper: it's an extremely rare feat in the music business to completely dominate the charts and radio airwaves in the way that british singer adele did last year. the 24-year-old's sophomore album has sold more than 25


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